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Kandukur Pincode / Post Office Search (K.V.RANGAREDDY, Andhra Pradesh)

Alakurapadu B.O 523274KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Ammavaripalem B.O 523281KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Anakarlapudi B.O 523270KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Ananandapuram B.O 523105KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Ananthavaram B.O 523274KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Annaboinapalli B.O 523115KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Atmakur B.O 523292KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Ayyaparajupalem B.O 523271KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Ayyavaripalli B.O 523116KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Baddepudi B.O 523281KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Badevaripalem B.O 523113KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Bhimavaram B.O 523292KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Binginapalli B.O 523104KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Bodawada B.O 523114KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Chagallu B.O 523292KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Chakicherla B.O 523292KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Chavatapalem B.O 523109KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Cherukur B.O 523109KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Chevuru B.O 523291KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Chimidithapadu B.O 523281KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Chinalatrip B.O 523115KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Chinapavani B.O 523115KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Chintalapalem B.O 523274KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Chirrikurapadu B.O 523271KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Chodavaram B.O 523279KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Chundi B.O 523116KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Dappalampadu B.O 523113KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Darakanipadu B.O 523281KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Devagudur B.O 523274KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Dharmavarm B.O 523270KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Dubagunta B.O 523105KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Edlurapadu B.O 523105KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Goginenivari Palaem B.O 523270KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Gongotireddipalem B.O 523271KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Gudluru S.O 523281KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Ippagunta B.O 523109KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Jallapalem B.O 523271KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Jammulapalem B.O 523274KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Janardhnapuram B.O 523271KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Jarugumalli B.O 523274KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Jayavaram B.O 523274KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Jillellamudi B.O 523105KandukurAndhra Pradesh
K.Rajupalem B.O 523292KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Kakuturivaripalem B.O 523274KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Kalavalla B.O 523113KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Kalikavaya B.O 523101KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Kalikavayabitragunta B.O 523101KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Kamepalli S.O 523271KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Kandukur Cutchery S.O 523105KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Kandukur H.O 523105KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Kandukur S.O 515721KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Kandukur South S.O 523105KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Kanumalla B.O 523101KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Karedu B.O 523292KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Kattavarpalem B.O 523270KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Kattugudipalem B.O 523271KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Kondamudusupalem B.O 523105KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Kondasamudram B.O 523116KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Kondepi S.O 523270KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Kondikandukur B.O 523105KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Kothapeta B.O 523281KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Kovur Kandukur B.O 523105KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Krishnapuram B.O 523292KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Linga Samudram S.O 523114KandukurAndhra Pradesh
M.Nidamanur B.O 523279KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Machavaram B.O 523105KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Mahadevapuram B.O 523105KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Malepadu B.O 523109KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Mannetikota B.O 523292KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Medarametlapalem B.O 523115KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Mocherla B.O 523291KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Mogilicherla B.O 523114KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Mucharla B.O 509358KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Mugachinala B.O 523270KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Muppalla B.O 523109KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Muppavaram B.O 523273KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Mutyalapadu B.O 523115KandukurAndhra Pradesh
N.N.Kandrika B.O 523271KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Naldalpur B.O 523113KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Nandanavanam B.O 523101KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Narasingole B.O 523271KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Nayudupalem B.O 523115KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Nekunampuram B.O 523113KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Nennurapadu B.O 523270KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Netivaripalem B.O 523271KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Oguru B.O 523105KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Old Singarayakonda B.O 523101KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Paidipadu B.O 523271KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Pakala B.O 523101KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Paletipadu B.O 523279KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Palukur B.O 523101KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Paluru B.O 523105KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Pandalapadu B.O 523105KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Parikondapadu B.O 523113KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Patchava B.O 523271KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Peda Pavani S.O 523115KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Pedakandlagunta B.O 523270KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Pedamopadu B.O 523105KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Peridepi S.O 523273KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Petlur B.O 523270KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Pokur S.O 523113KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Polinenicheruvu B.O 523116KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Polinenipalem B.O 523116KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Polireddipalem B.O 523270KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Ponduru B.O 523273KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Ponnalore S.O 523109KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Potluru B.O 523281KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Puretipalli B.O 523281KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Rallapadu Project B.O 523114KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Ramapatnam S.O 523291KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Ramayyapalem B.O 523270KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Ravulakollu B.O 523109KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Ravuru B.O 523291KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Regalagaddapalem B.O 523270KandukurAndhra Pradesh
S.Konda S.O 523101KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Sakhavaram B.O 523113KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Sameeripalem B.O 523116KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Sanampudi B.O 523101KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Singamanenipalli B.O 523113KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Singarabotlapalem B.O 523109KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Somarajupalli B.O 523101KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Tangella B.O 523271KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Tangutur S.O 523274KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Tatakulapalem B.O 523270KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Tettu B.O 523291KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Timmapalem B.O 523109KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Timmareddipalem B.O 523114KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Tumadu B.O 523279KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Ulavapadu S.O 523292KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Uppalapadu (K) S.O 523279KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Uppaledinne B.O 523271KandukurAndhra Pradesh
V V Palem S.O 523116KandukurAndhra Pradesh
V.R.Kota B.O 523113KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Vaviletipadu B.O 523274KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Veerepalli B.O 523292KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Velagapudi B.O 523274KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Vemulapadu B.O 523273KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Venkupalem B.O 523109KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Verdhinenivaripalem B.O 523271KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Vikkirallapeta B.O 523101KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Woollapalem S.O 523104KandukurAndhra Pradesh
Zuvvigunta B.O 523270KandukurAndhra Pradesh

What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.